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Three Authors to Visit Main Library


Dystopian fiction is an ever-growing popular type of young adult science fiction in which society is characterized by a focus on mass poverty, squalor, suffering, or oppression.  Dystopian authors like to explore why things are that way, and they are often obsessed with fantasy. 

Three dystopian writers will make an appearance at Massanutten Regional Main Library on Saturday, October 5, 2 PM, to discuss their style of writing and how to get into the publishing business.  This event is free and open to all age groups. 

Local science fiction and young adult writer Jodi Meadows returns to Massanutten Regional Library with two dystopian publishing friends, Brodi Ashton and Cynthia Hand. 

Meadows has two published novels, Asunder and Incarnate, which blend utopian and dystopian elements together with romance, fantasy, and science fiction.  Meadows sprinkles fantasy in her young adult books for readers to enjoy, and her fantastical methods are making her a popular young author.   Meadows explores the themes of immortality and reincarnation which often fascinate youth today.  She includes dragons and other magical creatures for added effect.

 A relatively new writer, Meadows lives in the Shenandoah Valley and will soon release her third novel, Infinite.

 “Overall, my goal was to build a new and (hopefully) interesting world with elements I find fascinating,” says Meadows in describing the plots of her books in The Book Smugglers February eNewsletter. 
Brodi Ashton is the author of three dystopian novels:  Everbound, Neverfall, and Everneath.  Inspired by the Persephone myth, this trilogy explores the resilence of the human spirit and the indomitable power of true love. 
Cynthia Hand has written four novels:  Unearthly, Hallowed, Boundless, and Radiant.  This series of young adult urban fantasy novels features angels.  Hand is a New York Times best-selling author.   
All will speak of their style of writing and published books.
“This area is blessed to have so much talent!  Jodi Meadows is one of those talented local folks.  She is a joy to listen to and is a nationally recognized young adult author.  We are lucky to have this opportunity to chat with Jodi and her fellow authors Brodi and Cynthia about their Young Adult works,” says Claire Covington, MRL Youth Services Coordinator.

While the authors’ books are geared toward teens, this program is free to all who want to learn about dystopian writing and getting into the publishing business. 

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