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Snapshot VA Day 2013


Library usage for Massanutten Regional Library remained stable for the annual Snapshot VA Day conducted last month, according to Snapshot VA statistics gathered for the Library of Virginia and Virginia Library Association-sponsored event.

Massanutten Regional Library has participated in the state-wide program since Snapshot VA Day’s infancy in 2011. The objective of the program is to help raise community and political awareness of the impact of libraries in communities across the state.  The statistics compiled in the Snapshot VA program have been used in local press releases and for marketing purposes.

Overall, all seven MRL facilities had 1112 patrons use their libraries on the designated Snapshot VA Day compared to 1387 in 2012 and 1170 in 2011. Six of the MRL facilities compiled figures on April 18. Elkton Community Library, not open on April 18 because of budget cutbacks in 2010, compiled statistics on April 17.

"I have been fortunate to follow MRL's participation in Snapshot VA all three years," says Cheryl Griffith, Community Relations Manager of the library system. "Yet for me, there was a big subjective difference in reading the patron comments on how the library fits the needs of everyday life. I am here, and I see firsthand that the library is important to area citizens because of book resources, research, and computers, yet I was amazed how many people in their comments use the library not once every two weeks as one might expect when library resources are due, but once a week and sometimes more. How many other government entities can say a certain number of citizens use them weekly?"

A sampling of comments taken on April 18:

Massanutten Regional Main Library Patron Comments
"I would be lost without our library! I come here weekly to the children's section to check out books to enrich my children's exposure to quality books. Also, their private elementary school comes here monthly to check out books."
"Get novels. I come once a week. Love to read, do genealogy."
"Borrow books. Nice people and good books. Good genealogy library and microfilm."
"We make weekly visits to library for our 11 and 9 year-old children. They have over 100 books/CDs/DVDs out at any one time. We love and value our library system."
"The library was essential to my finding a job. My teenage children volunteer and do their best homework here."
"We visit every week; sometimes twice. The library is very important to our family. Instead of buying the books my daughter needs for school, we try to check them out instead!  I love to read!"
"...You offer free Mango..."
"Today's visit purpose-to bring a client in to develop reading and social skills."
"...I like using the computers here..."
"We are a homeschooling family and so we love the library! We love the Massanutten Regional Library has the "big" library as well as smaller, regional branches - one close to us."
"The library is essential to me as I am handicapped and it gives me something to look forward to."
"We (my husband and two young children) visit the library each week to choose books. We are very appreciative of the free service...We love the DVDs and books available for check out. Please keep the library going strong."
"Having retired a few years ago, I now have time to read, which was always a passion. I use Massanutten Regional extensively - absolutely appreciate the personnel they have - always gracious and helpful! Please keep up the fine work."
"...All the services provided are great. I love our library for more reasons than I'm able to list. Personnel is terrific!"
"...It's an integral part of our educational weekly outings..."
"Need for typing letters - just good resources!"
"I check out 4-6 books a week and use the internet 1-2 times a week..."

North River Library Patron Comments
"As a parent of small kids I love story time. It has been very beneficial to my kids' education and development..."
"I appreciate conversing with the friendly co-workers and looking at the wide selection of movies."
"We love story time!"
"...A community with lots of children but no library is sight I hope never to see!"
"Story time is today for pre-schoolers. I'm very glad story time is offered - my kids do not attend day care. Going to the library gives them time with other kids and they're beginning to love books! My kids love going to the library!"

Shenandoah Community Library Patron Comments
"I visit the library at least once a week and am 81 years old. I enjoy reading."
"To bring my four children in to check out books. We come every week because my children love to read. We check out books and my children use the internet for school projects. We also check out movies."
"Brought back book. Picked up a special order book. I'm a regular patron and member of the board."
"To check out DVDs because we have no cable."

Village Library Patron Comments
"I visited the library to use the computer - very important for us because of computer - I am still on dial-up."
"We have been coming to storytime for ten years. All of my children loved it."
"I read a minimum of 3 books a week. I usually choose mysteries to read."

Page Public Library Patron Comments
"I visited the library today to pick up books that had been on request from the Main Library. I am an avid reader and appreciate the services that the library offers. I have belonged to a library for at least 60 years and don't know how I would do without it."
"Returned book and checked out DVD. Caught up on newspapers."

Grottoes Branch Library Patron Comments
"To check out books, use computer and read the newspaper. I consider the library to be an oasis in life."
"I love my library. The staff is marvelous, friendly, courteous, helpful, give great recommendations. Mostly, I check out books on CD for my commute, but I also appreciate the DVD selection, and of course, hardcover books..."
"...Resource is great for community and free to public..."
"Great community center! Gathering place for learning!"
"I visit the library often to use the internet. Also, I read their newspapers since I don't subscribe."
"...I have also used the computers for job searching..."
"I love the opportunity to help out and do community service..."

Elkton Community Library Patron Comments
"To return book and get more. Library is very important to be able to afford interesting reading! Favorite services are borrowing books. I love the good staff and the services!
"We come to the library every two weeks to get movies and books for the kids. We have enjoyed classes and reading as well. I really enjoy the free services offered. We love the library."
"I enjoy coming to the library to read the newspapers, books, and even being on the internet keeping up with local and long distance news that's happening."

  1. "To use the computer."
  2. "Free internet service and access to books and DVDs."
  3. "Used to be story hour when my kids were younger, but internet at present time."
  4. "On tight budget, family-oriented, and educational."

"Time in-between activities. Get books and place to come and read/work. Do homework while in town. Would love more hours. Sometimes just need a place to sit and do homework until I have to go home."
"We visited for a quiet place to do kids' homework. We also picked up multiple holds we had on books for a project our Girl Scout troop is doing."
"Print off papers for college."

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