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Main Celebrating OverDrive Library Big Read with Costume Debut Event for Kids


The Youth Department of Massanutten Regional Library is holding a debut costume event for Nancy Clancy, the major character in the new mystery series that has Nancy Clancy emulating another famous Nancy--Nancy Drew.  The new sleuth is the older version of the children’s beloved character Fancy Nancy, the young lass who loves tea parties and dressing up in feather boas. 

To celebrate the OverDrive Big Library Read Nancy Clancy selection September 16-30, a time period in which multiple library and eBook users can download the first Nancy Clancy book:  Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth, MRL Youth Services Coordinator Claire Covington  is inviting children 0-12 years of age to dress up like the famous characters  Fancy Nancy or Nancy Clancy and visit their the Main Branch of Massanutten Regional Library on Saturday, September 14.   Participants will receive a Personal Pan Pizza Hut gift certificate for showing off their costumes. 

About the book:  The new, older age Nancy Clancy character has replaced her toddler feather boas for a pink trench coat, sunglasses, and a rhinestone-studded magnifying glass as she sets off to solve mysteries.  Unfortunately for Nancy Clancy, there isn’t much crime to solve in her neighborhood, but she is on the job when a classroom item disappears at her school. 

The Nancy Clancy books are chapter books and are geared for children ages 7-10.  The first book in the Nancy Clancy series is available for download to MRL patrons on eReaders, tablets, smart phones, or the computer. OverDrive is making multiple copies available for the electronic reading devices so there is no waiting time for Nancy Clancy fans during this OverDrive Big Library Read time period of September 16-30.

There are also hard copies throughout MRL branches of two of the books in the Nancy Clancy series:  Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth and Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer.   Of course, check out for the hardback books is first-come, first-served. 

MRL will also be offering puzzles and mazes to challenge Nancy Clancy minds during the OverDrive Big Library Read.
“Jane O'Connor's Nancy Clancy books are sure to please girls who have grown up on Fancy Nancy and are ready to move on to chapter books. These books continue to highlight themes such as friendship and still have plenty of Nancy’s signature flashy drama.  Check out your digital copy and enjoy!” encourages MRL Youth Services Coordinator Claire Covington. 

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