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Learn About Global Warming Thursday, Nov. 10

Facebook entries mocked global warming theories: “Snow before Halloween? I thought we were in global warming?”
Do individuals really know what global warming is? Why are sea levels rising?  What effect on wildlife will global warming have? Why have the temperatures between 1997-2008  been the warmest on record? Why has the Earth’s temperature consistently risen since 1978?
Massanutten Regional Library might have the answers to these questions as it sponsors the Director of Strategic Relationships, Office of the President of National Wildlife Federation, Kara Ball, in an informative presentation entitled “An Inconvenient Truth: A Climate Presentation” next Thursday, November 10 at 6 pm at Main. The event is free and open to the public.
Ball has identified as a top priority the need to wake up America to the urgency of  global warming. Ball holds a Master of Public Policy with a Concentration in  Environmental Policy and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland. She has served on several conservation boards. 
The program will be in the downstairs Main Meeting Room. 

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