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Hampstead Theater Coming to Area in Four Locations

“It’s a wonderful way for your family to kick-off the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas,” says Clare Eakin, Youth Supervisor for Massanutten Regional Library. “It’s a production the entire family can attend, and it’s free.”
Massanutten Regional Library is sponsoring Hampstead Stage Company from Center Barnstead, New Hampshire, and its production of the classic C.S. Lewis tale “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”   It’s a tale of four siblings- Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy- who are transported through a magical wardrobe to the land of Narnia. They join colorful creatures of Narnia in combating an evil witch who has cast a perpetual winter across the land. The story embraces the theme of standing up for what is right and helping those around them. 
The twenty-seven-year-old company will stage two performances on Saturday, November 12. The first will be at 10 am at Page Public Library, and the second performance will be at Main Branch at 2 pm.  
The play continues for North River Library on Sunday, November 13, at 3 pm with a special performance location at John Wayland Elementary. The theatrical group will conclude its performances at Grottoes Branch on Monday, November 14 at 4 pm.
“The people here have been excited when we tell them,” says Grottoes Branch Manager Cheryl Keeler. “One young lady said, ‘Oh, I love this book!’ Another one said, ‘We have to come!’  A parent said: ‘Wow.  How great the library is doing this—here!’”
“Many of our patrons have read the book and seen the movie; I’m pleased the library is offering a third way—live theater—to experience this classic. Each experience adds its own dimension.  The wonderful thing about drama is the dynamic interaction between actors and audience; it creates a lively involvement in the story,” says Keeler. 
Hampstead Stage Company began its educational mission of educating youth by bringing classic literature to life through theater 27 years ago when founders Daniel Matmor, Michael Phillips, and Katherine and Gordon Preston came to America from Hampstead, England to pursue their dreams. Now one of the largest educational touring companies in the nation, Hampstead Stage Company performs over 2000 shows a year to over 20 million audience members. Their scripts are original adaptions based on literary classics and often involve children and adults from the audience. The plays last approximately one hour with a question and answer session following the performance.

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