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Elkton Community Library Gets a Facelift


The power of seven citizens and a town government can change the appearance of a library.

Seven members of the Elkton Downtown Revitalization Corporation, (E.D.R.C), an outgrowth committee of a Main Street grant years ago for the town of Elkton, have continued the original goals of the Main Street project and selected Elkton Community Library, a branch of the Massanutten Regional Library system, to update and improve its façade, trying to keep the town architecture and history intact. 

“The library is the center of our town.   We try to pick a business with longevity.  A library encourages the love of learning and we wanted it to reflect what Elkton stands for, so we selected Elkton Community Library as the first business to help financially with the outside appearance," says Dee Martin, Secretary of the Elkton Downtown Revitalization Corporation. 

While the E.D.R.C. has recognized 26 Elkton businesses for improving or maintaining their exterior at town council meetings, the library, located on Terrace Avenue,  is the first business to be adopted for funding by the Elkton Downtown Revitalization Corporation.  The corporation has spent approximately $2000 on the exterior stucco façade which included replacing the exterior wall surface and installing a metal roof cap to prevent future damage.   The town of Elkton itself chipped in approximately $600 to paint the library’s façade and $800 for new signage.

According to Elkton Branch Manager Kimberly Sampson, pigeons roosting on the rooftop had done damage to the exterior.  “They have pecked holes to the point of water damage over the years,” says Sampson, and according to Martin, work still needs to be done, as damage is still evident.  “We are waiting for better weather,” says Martin. 

Martin, a lifelong library patron of sixty years plus, works alongside citizens Charlie Dean, E.D.R.C. President; Robert Tolsma, Vice-President;  Nancy Coffman, Paula Puckett, Rick Workman, and Jackie Hensley, members. 

Martin is not shy about Elkton Community Library’s Branch Manager, either.

 “Along with others, I am thrilled that Kim Sampson is our librarian.  She is the gold dropping into our little town.  We are so fortunate to have her qualifications and expertise.” 

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