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Crafty Kids Program Expands to Two MRL Branches

Massanutten Regional Library announces it will be expanding its Crafty Kids Program to two new facilities beginning next month. Elkton Community Library and Massanutten Regional Library Main in downtown Harrisonburg will join Village, North River, and Grottoes Libraries with this children’s activity, bringing five of the seven MRL facilities to offer this program. 
Crafty Kids promotes activities with eye-hand coordination and is geared for children 6-12 years of age.   Younger children can participate with an adult caregiver present.
“Crafty Kids emphasizes extraordinary craft experiences geared towards 6-11year olds and can include utilizing anything from old soda cans to tube socks. Theme related books are available for check out and plenty of topic related discussions accompany children and their families on their way home!” explains Clare Eakin, Youth Services Coordinator, Massanutten Regional Library. 
The themes for the fall include peacocks for September, seahorses for October, and skyscrapers for November.
Crafty Kids is offered at the following times during September through November:

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