Meet Lynn Smith

Recently, I noticed that several of our donors had increased the size of their annual gift to the library. Curious how this was possible during the recent economic uncertainty, I contacted one donor Lynn Smith to ask "how" and "why" giving to her public library system was possible. 


- Debbi Mowery, Former MRL Director of Development

DM:  Why have you been a donor in the past?
LS: From my earliest memory the public library has been a place of comfort, intrigue, treasures and enlightenment. Going to the library was and is a special event. If you want something to happen or live, you have to support it.

DM:  Do you have a special interest in the library?
LS: Young Adult (YA) literature. YA writers are my heroes! They are providing fabulous stories and material about issues relevant to kids' lives written in their language. In my opinion this work will be a crucial factor in turning our country and our kids away from ignorance and inertia, and towards active thinking, caring, creative, responsible citizenship and life.


DM:  Why and how were you able to increase the size of your gift at this time?
LS: I increased my gift to the library this year out of a sense of needing to prioritize and be organized, and to support the causes that are most important to me rather than give smaller gifts to many organizations.


DM:  Why do you think the library is important?
LS: A free society will only remain free if its citizens have broad access to information and ideas. Everything in the library -- fiction, non-fiction, picture books, newspapers, magazines, audio books, DVDs, CDs, internet availability, reference materials, and much more -- fills that need for ideas, the take-off point and most basic of problem solving tools for individual and community creativity.

We thank Lynn Smith of Harrisonburg for sharing her story with us. If you have a story to share about your passion for MRL, contact us. To speak directly to our Director of Development, contact Michael Evans at 540.434.4475 ext. 135.

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