Meet Linda Bland

On the Virtues of Downsizing by Linda Heatwole Bland

Downsizing is a buzzword I'm beginning to understand.  As my husband and I plan for our future needs, I appreciate the phrase "you can't take it with you!"


I realize that many things in my home are useful for the present but other items have purely sentimental value. My collection of children's books and characters falls into that second category. All are in pristine condition yet are meant to be used and enjoyed by children and adults.

As a reading specialist for 35+ years, I know the value of good books and children's literature in fostering an early interest in books and later supporting the reading process. When children learn to read and appreciate books, the whole world becomes available to them for a lifetime.

That's why I want my collection to continue to give pleasure and opportunity to future generations of children. There is no better place than the public library to receive, cherish, and use this collection for its intended purpose.

I am making arrangements in my will and estate plans to leave this collection to Massanutten Regional Library. I have also planned for a sum of money to accompany my collection to ensure the library has adequate funds to house and preserve the books and characters while sharing the contents with the children.

It gives me great pleasure to have this resolved now when I can share my intentions and enthusiasm with the library staff! Informing the library of my estate plans has enabled me to experience the satisfaction of knowing that my special collection of books and characters will be enjoyed by many children in the future.

Linda Heatwole Bland lives in Massanutten. We thank Linda for her generosity and support of MRL. If you have a story to share about your passion for MRL, contact us.  To speak directly to our development director, contact Michael Evans at 540.434.4475 ext. 135.

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